Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finn and Franco

So it's been way too long since I have put any updates on here! I apologize! Last week my Uncle Scott called me up and asked me to babysit the boys, Finn and Franco! So Sara and Scott went out to Vegas for a couple of days and I had the boys. Now most people would read this and be wow Nate do you work or go to school or anything! Let me justify myself by saying yes I got to school when it starts on the 16th of august and I work 3 days a week and I happened to be off those day. Anyways yeah the first day I had the boys I took them to the beach. One funny story from the beach is when Finn started to run away from Franco and he could not catch up, so he threw up his arms and just started yelling as loud as he could at Finn. Then he started throwing sand up, during this time Finn is still just booking it away. It was pretty funny. Well yeah then we went to Dana's with the boys to go for a little swim after the beach. Dana got them pizza and teenage mutant ninja turtle's, they were in heaven.
On day two we went to Chuckee Cheese and then swimming again at Dana's after. Swimming is mandatory I figured out to get them to sleep without any hardships! It was so funny at Chuckee Cheese when the boys both went up in the tubes with the slides, well they have this huge play area with those tubes and its up high. Anyways so they go up there and I was like ok cool, I can hear them having a good ole time, no worries right. Well then it been a little while and they are not coming down. And I at this time was pretty much ready to go anyways. So then I realized, once they go up in those tubes, they will come down when they want to! Anyways next time I think I will direct them away from the big play place. Well they anyways it was a great couple of days with the boys! Love them

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