Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family Fun Day 2011

This past Thursday Jules and I took off work to have FFD since the whole family was in town. We finally decided the night before what we were going to do. We decided to first hit up cafe rio, then head down to Laguna Beach to walk around and lastly have a bonfire at corona del mar. Nate and I woke up and went for a run/bike ( I biked)...we picked a perfect day for FFD because it was BEAutiful!!! We headed down to cafe rio and pigged out to prepare for our beach bods then headed down to Laguna with the windows down bumping! When we got to Laguna we (in Rodney's words) had science class where we found lots of cool crabs and sea anemones. Justin was probably the most hilarious...he was loving it. We layed out and went and walked around shops after science class was over. While walking around Laguna I discovered Caroline's goals and aspirations for life which is to have to most expensive boutique that no one in the fam could afford. We then headed up to CDM where we had a bonfire, ate some hot dogs and smores. We got to the bonfire around 5 so we had a lot of daylight and we were able to see Sea Lions and Pelicans dive in the water. We had such a fun FFD!!! This will definitely be an adventure.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend with Brett!

So this last week my parents went out of town for Alli's volleyball tourney so Nate and I had Brett for the weekend and that is why I am blogging a little late. We pretty much partied all weekend because we never said "no" to Brett which means our days were jammed packed with event after event!!! Thursday Nate and Brett went to Dave and Busters, Krispy Kremes and organized a basketball game with all the family and friends. Friday night Brett had basketball and then played flashlight tag with Andrew and Brett. Saturday morning I took Andrew and Brett to get donuts and when Nate got home Brett and I met him for BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) then hit golf balls at the driving range. We had so much fun this weekend but my favorite part of the weekend was hanging out with Ruca. I realized that I can t have a dog especially one as cute at Ruca because I CANNOT leave him at home for more than a couple of hours because he is soooo cute! Anytime we were away from the house I would worry about him and feel bad cause he was locked outside. I really enjoyed my walks each morning. While my parents were gone they never once asked about Brett but they made me put their call on speaker so they could talk to Ruca. Hahaha they are like Grandparents! Overall it was a great weekend and I came to the conclusion that Ruca is my favorite family member!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ok so i have made Friday around 5 my blogging time since I wait for nate to get home anyway! This past Sat Nate told me that we were going on a naturally I asked where. He wouldn't tell me and told me that when we were first dating I wouldnt ask questions and just say ok and be ready---so I didnt ask anymore questions ha ha ha!! I am always curious to see what Nate picks for a date night because it is always interesting. So Sat night I get ready and we get in the car and head towards Newport Beach. Then we pull up to Blue Water Grill and he tells me that we are having a New England themed date....why, I'm not sure he is sooo random. I guess he researched it and it is suppose to be really good. We got there and he already had planned what we were going to order (clam chowder and fish & chips)....I think the best part about the night was how excited he was to come up with such a great/unique date!!!!! He cracks me up. Although I have to admit the clam chowder was BOMB!!!