Friday, April 1, 2011

Ok so i have made Friday around 5 my blogging time since I wait for nate to get home anyway! This past Sat Nate told me that we were going on a naturally I asked where. He wouldn't tell me and told me that when we were first dating I wouldnt ask questions and just say ok and be ready---so I didnt ask anymore questions ha ha ha!! I am always curious to see what Nate picks for a date night because it is always interesting. So Sat night I get ready and we get in the car and head towards Newport Beach. Then we pull up to Blue Water Grill and he tells me that we are having a New England themed date....why, I'm not sure he is sooo random. I guess he researched it and it is suppose to be really good. We got there and he already had planned what we were going to order (clam chowder and fish & chips)....I think the best part about the night was how excited he was to come up with such a great/unique date!!!!! He cracks me up. Although I have to admit the clam chowder was BOMB!!!

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  1. oh my gosh! rachel you blogged?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and nate would be excited about a new england themed date haha so funny! see you in like 4 days :)