Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi guys...this is my first post of many to come! Thanks to my Sister-in-law I am officailly going to be a blogger. My first blog post is about an amazing adventure I had with Meggy, Jules and Care. So last Saturday night we decided to go geocaching! Of course the teams were boys vs girls and the rules were that we had 1 hour to find as many geo s as we could. Well the boys (Nate, Justin and Lou) left in a hurry because we soon found out that they deleted the app from our phone- CHEAP! However we didn't let it stop us because with in about 30 mins we found 3 Geo s leaving us with enough time to get water balloons from Ralphs for a little payback :) We hurried home, filled up water balloons and anxiously awaited the boys arrival. The Plan: Megan right by the door to throw the first water balloon, Jules at the garage door, Care on the roof and I was back up coming from the rear. The boys came home 30 mins later than the time we had said but when they got home they did not expect it! We soaked them and it felt sooo good! The best part was that the boys did not find 1 geo!!! Then they made us go look for one that they couldn't find by the Chevron and we found it within 30 seconds. It was a successful night!