Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mike and Jessi's Wedding

Well on Saturday night Rachel and I attended the wedding of Mike Gerrity and Jessi Porter, now the Gerrity's! It was a nice night out! It was at an Equestrian Center in Walnut, which made for an awesome setting. Although I must add that there was some sweating going on as we were positioned in the sun for the ceremony! It was great to see a lot of friends that I don't get to see that often. After the ceremony we had dinner and then danced the night away. That is until this ice cream truck on dubs rolled up serving ice cream sandwiches, diddy reece style, so awesome. Oh yeah I must add as Tom, Jessi's dad, was giving his toast he mentioned some Lebron jokes. He said, "Did you hear Lebron got a new cell phone, one thing is wrong it only vibrates, no rings yet!" or "Did you hear Lebron is writing a new book, it's an autobiography, the only thing is it's untitled right now!" Good Times! Well yeah I want to congratulate Mike and Jessi, they are a great couple, Im so happy for both of them! I still can't believe that they got married, I have known Mike since elementary school and Jessi since high school. Another awesome wedding!


  1. YOU GUYS HAVE A BLOG?!!!!!! Since when?! P.s. We're really super sad you guys aren't coming to Havasu :(

  2. hooray a new blog! I know Nate had a sports blog awhile back (i think) but it will be good to read up on you guys! I wish we lived closer to all the family, we would love to hang out and spend more time with the two of you!